Skype Program/Zoom Classes

The Skype/ZOOM/Facetime training we do all over the world!

We follow the same program we do in the la master studio with comedy-drama-cold read and on tape week where we train you one on one in the same curriculum. Our instructors come from an incredible pedigree of working actors and film makers! You can try and purchase one and see if it is a fit before committing to the monthly program! We pick a day and time that works for you weekly and you get our famous program but one on one with the instructor of your choice!

We work 7 days a week! You also get the perks of all of our showcases by being a committed monthly skyper : ) Let us know if you want to try one skype for $80 with the team or $125 with the Master coaches for a half hour.

For our ZOOM classes-we offer them currently due to COVID-19 every day of the week since all of our classes are currently on ZOOM. However when we resume in person classes In January 2021, we will be putting out the ZOOM schedule of classes as we will be keeping the curriculum of a regular ZOOM program.

We be zoomin'!

The monthly program is discounted from the LA classes even being one on one $325 with the team. If you would like to only work with David or Shanelle Gray the pricing is $450! You can also alternate coming to class and working on skype with the team in any combo that you want with 4 classes a month for $500 including David! Perks for purchasing the packages!

Let us know if you would like to schedule something!!

*3% cc fee


Skype program with the team $325 per month
Skype program with the Master Coaches $500 per month
Zoom classes $350 per month, 1 class per week-4 classes per month
Zoom unlimited package $350 per month during covid-19
Normal pricing of $550 per month once in person classes resume