The voice over classes are amazing and different at Gray Studios as opposed to ANYWHERE else you will go-they are all ages but if youth must be 7 or above and very very mature! They are 2 hours with Ogie Banks who will focus animation! He is a bratz, rugrat, spider man and Clawde in Monster high to name a mere few of his credits. If you KNOW animation at all-you know Ogie Banks. Ogie has coached many of Gray Studios Actors to booking their animation jobs! Then there is 2 hours with John Mitchell from VO & Stuff casting-focusing on commercials, promos and the business of VO for 2 hours!

The workshop varies monthly so people may take more than one month but only one month a time is required! 

2019 Dates left

August 24th

September 21st

October 26th

November 16th

December 21st

The workshop is $300 and 12-4:30pm!

After the workshop you will get a mini demo reel-which is multiple clippings of what you worked on in class edited! This is amazing for your actors access or LA casting site! 

Learn the ins and outs of the VO world and how to start booking or how to break into the industry from some of the best! Or use your mini reel to submit to agents!

Private voice over coaching is available with Ogie and John! Please visit the private coaching section for rates! or email coachings@graystudiosla.com

Voice Over Speed Reels & Audition Recording

  • VO speed reels with John Mitchell or Ogie Banks: $600 per copy/spot
  • VO speed reel animation with John Mitchell or Ogie Banks: $800 per copy/spot
  •  VO full reel commercial with either instructor $1600 3 spots
  • VO full reel animation with either instructor $1900 3 spots
    **Please note we record MANY mores spots than the final cut and then your final product will be the amount shown above. Instructor will choose best one at their discretion. 

Voiceover Recording – Gray Studios 

$10 per page-call for apt 818.582.3943 or info@graystudiosla.com


Sample Reels

Gray Studios

Andrew Creme

Gray Studios

Hendrick Yancy

Gray Studios

Donovan Estrada

Gray Studios

Justin Phillips