Commercial Class with Scott Parkin

Teen Commercial Class

Kids Commercial Class

Taught by Scott Parkin. This class will instruct students on all aspects of commercial auditioning, including personality questions, reaction auditions, how to isolate action choices, one-liners, getting the most out of cue cards, multi-person copy (exploring and fleshing out a scene), and commercial improv.

10:00am-12:00pm (ages 5-8)
12:30pm-2:30pm (9-16)

About Scott: Scott Parkin did his first commercial when he was 21 years old since then Scott has appeared in over 150 TV commercials for companies like AT&T, Lowes, Chevron, Ford, McDonald’s , Doritos’s, Coca Cola, Honda, T-Mobil, Applebee’s, Las Vegas , Clorox , Toyota , Pfizer , Coors and many more. Scott’s worked steadily in commercials for over 25 years. Over this time he’s developed the skill set to get to the call back and book the spot. With over 20 years of improvisation on stage and in TV commercials Scott can teach you how to broaden your range, bring the most to every script, and take your very best shot at every commercial audition you get. He’ll teach you how to book the room, make an impression and stand out to both agency creatives and the director so they bring you back in for other commercial clients. Scott has written comedy for Network TV, done stand up and is a veteran of the comedy stage so his classes are high energy with lots of practical application skills that you’ll use immediately after the class and it’s really fun. Scott works with the top commercial directors and casting directors in the country. You’ll leave Scott’s class with new skills to help you have your highest % shot at booking your next commercial audition.

Scott is also available for Private coaching! See our Private coaching tab for rates and Email for availability!

  • “Scott’s improv skills won’t just make your spots better. He’ll make your sessions better, your writing better, and your clients happier. And he’ll make your improv skills sharper, too. He’s just that good.”

    Chris Smith
    Writer and Creative Director The Richards Group, Dallas, TX
  • “Scott Parkin is a white-hot, non-stop improv machine. Like a crazy, maniacal, possessed toaster oven that just keeps toasting bread long after you’ve turned it off and pulled the plug and submerged it in bathwater.  He never does the same take twice, which makes every writer, director, and editor he works with think they’re comedic geniuses”

    Kevin Mulroy
    Creative Director, BBDO NY
  • “Scott has a second to none ability to think on his feet. He’s insanely, insanely fast and insanely funny. But he’s also charming and easily disarms anyone he’s talking to or interviewing with brilliant self deprecating wit.”

    Ed Yeager
    Co-executive Producer, Last Man Standing, 20th Century Fox Television.
  • “Scott Parkin is a consummate talent. We hired him for one project, and he blew us away with his chameleon-like abilities, going from one style to the next until we narrowed down what we needed. He took direction like a champ, adding his own spin when even we couldn’t articulate what we wanted.”

    Julie Gordon
    Creative Director Pitch, Los Angeles