Making-A-Movie Camps

Come make a movie with us at Gray Studios! We believe the best training is DOING. At Gray Studios Make-A-Movie camps, we will be crafting a short film from concept to final cut in 5 days, involving the students every step of the way. They will get the chance to help craft and create their own characters once a storyline has been written with THEM in mind.Upon completion of the camp, each student will be provided with a copy of the film for their own personal use and receive IMDB credit! (It's a real film so give us time after to complete) Our camps are fast, fun, and you’ll be working with real industry pros who are excited to share their passion for filmmaking with your kids! And in the process, your kids (and adults too! All ages!) will have a deeper level of the craft themselves!

Camps are broken up into age groups once the number of campers exceeds 12-if the camp that week is under the 12 mark-we make a movie with the ages we have, and that is realistic and sometimes more fun! We make more than one film in some weeks where we split ages. Each child ALWAYS gets a starring role as there is NEVER more than 10-12 kids per film, and the film will earn them an IMDb credit! We also sprinkle in some improv, commercial, dance, and story making classes in each camp-each camp has an additional two classes with the camp as well as a celebrity guest with the main focus being the making of the film.

In Atlanta and Dallas, the celebrity is done via Skype (sometimes depending on the schedule of the person), and for LA, this is done in person. Upon request, the celeb will mail a picture to the person, but please put in a request!

One amazing perk of these camps is that we offer everyone real red carpet screenings of the films! They are the stars! The Gray Studios Film festival is held in February of every year. They are held in LA, Atlanta, and Dallas. At the beginning of each year, Gray Studios will host a huge red carpet event, screening the Winter camps from the year prior and Spring break and Summer! We host these events to make everyone feel special and to show them how amazing they did and what it feels like to be apart of something so special. At all of the events industry, pros pick best films-and the winning film gets submitted to film festivals!

Gray Studios is the winner of the Youth in Cinema award at the 2018 Burbank film festival! We won for our short film “The Pact!” Check it out!

We are nominated again for best comedy and drama at the Burbank film festival this year 2019 as well!