Orange County

We offer ongoing, weekly classes in Orange County, specializing in our famous film and tv audition technique taught by Anthony Ocasio, Curt Mega and Kenton Duty and sometimes with special guests David Gray or John Posey once a month.  Weekly classes follow the same curriculum as our LA Master location comedy, drama, cold read and on tape or reader style scenes.


  • Preschool/Kid class: $200 mo
  • Tween/Young Adult: $325 mo

There are no adult classes offered in Orange County

Multi-Sibling Discount (Must show proof of sibling relation)

  • 2 children: $350 mo (in the Preschool/Kid class)
  • 2 children: $425 mo (one child in preschool/kid and one in tween/young adult)
  • 2 children: $525 mo (both in tween/young adult)
  • 3 children: $450 mo (all in preschool/kid)
  • 3 children: $625 mo (all in tween/young adult)
  • 4 children: $550 (all in preschool)
  • 4 children: $700 (all in tween/young adult)

Private Coaching with Master instructor David Gray or Shanelle Gray (This would be via Skype as they rarely are in OC)

  • ½ hr session: $80 current monthly students in that current month; $95 non-students
  • 1 hr session: $125 current students in that current month; $150 non-students
  • TAPING (flat rate); $125 current; $160 non-students

Private Coaching with  Scott Parkin, John Mitchell, or Ogie Banks (Skype only)

  • ½ hr session: $125
  • 1 hr session: $200
  • RECORDING mp3’s for John or Ogie flat rate recording and coaching half hour $125 and for full hour $200-we do not charge extra to MP3
  • Scott Parkin does not tape

Private Coaching with “The Team”: Anthony Ocasio, Curt Mega, Kenton Duty or John Posey-This may be able to be done on Thursdays only in OC or via Skype-Tape sessions are ONLY done at our LA location 7 days a week

  • ½ hr session: $70 current students in the monthly program that month; $80 non-students

TAPING rate: $100 for students flat rate / $125 for non-students (flat rate)

One hour session-$100 for students in the monthly program that month/ $125 non students

Please note we do not charge an extra fee to tape-as taping is a flat rate service whether it takes 30 minutes or 70 minutes as there is time after to upload etc.

Weekend Private Coaching

  • add $10 fee for any coaching rate per instructor on call

Dialect Coaching
All dialect coaching is with Kenton Duty-our only coach who specializes in accents

  • ½ hr session: $95
  • 1 hr session: $150

Sibling shared private coachings with the team or the Master Coaches

  • ½ hr session: $100
  • 1 hr session: $150
  • 1/2 session (Jeff/Ogie/Scott/David or Shanelle): $175
  • 1 hour session (Jeff/Ogie/Scott/David or Shanelle): $250

Just Taping (no coaching)

  • 20 min: $60 (3 pages or less)
  • 30 min: $75  (5 pages or less)
  • 40 min   $90 (8 pages or less)
  • 60 min.  $120(12 pages or less)

Master Coaches do not “Just tape” Team coaches only

Skype Program: 

  • Skype coaching is the same pricing as above whether it is team or Master Coaches
  • Monthly Skype classes are $325 with team and $375 with Master Coaches
  • VO or Commercial Monthly skypes are $475
  • Skype program offers (4) 30 min Skype coaching per month at your schedule

Private Coaching Policies and Cancellation:

You must cancel within 4 hours of your coaching session in order to not be charged

If you do not cancel within 4 hours, you will be charged 1/2 the fee of the session

Upon booking-you will be asked for your credit card to hold the appointment if we do not have it on file. Please note this is our policy-you may pay however you want when you get there. Gray Studios is a very busy office with multiple coaches being booked all day and if you do not show up for your appointment it can effect another client being booked.

There is a 3% credit card fee on all credit card transactions. We accept all major credit cards, cash and check. We do not accept Venmo or PayPal currently.

We appreciate your business!


Class Tuition is due on the 1st of every month, regardless of whether there is a class on the 1st or if the 1st falls on a weekend. Payments may be mailed to make deadline. We do have Payment Plan options you can make upon enrolling-ask the office for details.

Payment Policy:

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, personal checks and cash.
  • A 3% fee will be added to all credit card transactions.
  • Credit card information must be provided at the time of enrolling. Should you not wish to provide credit card and pay cash or check instead, two months of Classes need to be paid in advance at all times. And a $150 cancellation fee will need to be paid up front and only cashed should you improperly cancel.

Cancellation Policy

Classes are month to month only however we are running a business and in order to be able to offer the amazing services we have, Gray Studios requires a 30 day notice policy from the 1st of the month-in order to cancel September per se-you must cancel in writing by August 1st. Should you fail to cancel in proper timing a $150 early cancellation fee can be paid instead.

For tuition-Checks should be made payable to “Gray Studios.” Post-dated checks are accepted and will be deposited on the 1st. Checks for the next month can be brought to the last class of the current month and left with the Gray Studios on-site representative. For any questions please email or call the office.A $25 bounce check fee will be applied to all bounced checks.


Courtyard Marriott Buena Park
7621 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90620

Orange County Kids

Orange County Tweens

Orange County Young Adults



Preschool/Kids class Ages 4-8 – Film & TV Audition Technique

  • 5pm – 6pm

Tween & Young Adult (ages 9-16) –Film & TV Audition Technique

  • 6pm – 8:00pm