Skype Coaching

Skype coaching is with David Gray, Anthony Ocasio, Rachid Fakhoury, Curt Mega, Kenton Duty & Sean Peavy. They are all instructors at our master location in Los Angeles and teach for Gray Studios nationwide! We accommodate all time zones.  They work hard to make the actor feel as if there is not a computer screen between them. Not only is SKYPE coaching effective and affordable, it is absolutely the new generation of auditioning and people are booking the job left and right after long-distance Skype instruction! Call us at 818-582-3943 for more information or email

Skype Coaching with master instructor David Gray

  • ½ hr session: $80 current students; $95 non-students

Skype Coaching with “The Team”: Anthony Ocasio, Curt Mega, Rachid Fakhoury, Kenton Duty, Sean Peavy

    • ½ hr session: $70 current students; $80 non-students
    • 1 hr session: $100 current students; $120 non-students

Skype Packages (available for each instructor)

  • David Gray – (FOUR 1/2 hour Skype Sessions): $400/month
  • Anthony Ocasio, Rachid Fakhoury, Curt Mega, Kenton Duty, Sean Peavy – (FOUR 1/2 hour Skype Sessions): $300/month
  • Scott Parkin (commercial), Jeff Howell (VO), Ogie Banks (VO) – (FOUR 1/2 hour or 1 hour Skype Sessions): $450 (1/2 hour)or $700 (1 hour) per month