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Our philosophy: The best training an actor can have is working. One performance is like a thousand rehearsals. What you gain in confidence, knowledge, and ability from being on set is worth a thousand-fold the rehearsal process. Acting comes from the Latin meaning “to do”. Only by doing it can we get better.

What we focus on in Audition Technique is THE AUDITION.

What we focus on in Scene Study is THE CRAFT.

What we focus on in Improv is LIVING IN THE MOMENT.

What we focus on in Commercial Technique is BOOKING THE JOB.

What we focus on in Voice Over is FINDING YOUR VOICE.

What we focus on in Stand Up Comedy is LIVE AUDIENCE.

Our classes are comprehensive, taught by industry professionals and geared for the auditioning, working actor.


Class Descriptions

Gray Studios offers classes for actors from ages 4 through 100. We offer 7 levels of classes to accommodate every actor:

Tiny Tykes Preschool Class

ages 4-5 This is the young actor’s first introduction to the world of acting and we are dedicated to making them well rounded and proficient child actors. Curriculum consists of Improv and 5 lines of short, scripted dialogue, paired with an instructor; preschoolers receive the same lines two weeks in a row, with the second week acting as the “Callback.” We also focus on diction, fidgeting, projection, slating and interview skills in this age group.

Advanced Preschool Class

ages 5-6 (Not Reading)
The intermediate class for young actors between non-reading and reading. Improv and interactive scenes with more challenging material; 6-8 lines of prepared, scripted dialogue, paired with the Instructor. Preschoolers receive the same lines two weeks in a row, with the second week acting as the “Callback.” We also focus on diction, fidgeting, projection, slating and interview skills in this age group.

Audition Technique (Kid, Tween, Young Adults)

Kids Audition Technique:  ages 6-8 (Reading ONLY)
Tween Audition Technique:  ages 9-12
Young Adult Audition Technique:  ages 13-17

What we focus on in this class is THE AUDITION. Actors need to get work and can only do so through the art of auditioning. Therefore, the audition is everything.

Students work on improv, comedy, drama, on-tape, reader style and cold reads, rotating on a weekly basis throughout the month.  Students receive new scenes each week, 2-3 days before class. All scenes are pulled from shows/film that are currently being cast or will be original material in the vein of what that age group would realistically go out for theatrically.  Our classes should be treated as an “audition” with students arriving at class with lines memorized and “off book” (with the exception of cold read week). This class is focused on preparing actors for the audition room by getting them to discover and make strong, unique choices, break down material very quickly and be able to OWN any audition they walk into.

Adult Audition Technique (ages 18+)

Adult Audition Technique:  ages 18+

Our most advanced level of study. What we focus on in this class is THE AUDITION. Actors need to get work and can only do so through the art of auditioning. Therefore, the audition is everything.

Adult actors will work on scenes EXCLUSIVELY on audition material current TV shows & films. All LA adult classes are taught by Gray Studios owner/master instructor David Barry Gray. Actors will receive 2 scenes weekly, 2-3 days before their class. This class is focused on quick preparation, making strong choices, breaking down material, finding the profundities in any given scene and GETTING THE CALLBACK/BOOKING THE JOB.

Kids Improv: ages 7-9 Tween / Young Adult Improv: ages 10-17

Taught by Curt Mega (Glee on Fox) and Kenton Duty (Disney’s Shake it Up!) This class will focus on HAVING FUN while listening, taking direction, making strong, smart, unique choices in scenes, taking chances, adding to the scene, building characters/scenes using the tools of “Yes…And”, finding the “game” of the scene by using the building blocks of Who, What, Where, all while staying present in the moment and reacting truthfully in imaginary circumstances! It’s a blast! About Curt: Curt has studied comedy extensively, training at both UCB and Groundlings in Los Angeles. In addition to studying improv, he was a company member of Second City’s TMI Sketch Comedy from 2013-2014 and played Off-Broadway then toured the country in the original sketch comedy/improv traveling show The JoMoShow National Tour!  He also co-created the original comedy series Buffering and can be seen in numerous comedy sketches on the interwebs including a recent sketch with YouTube sensations The Fine Brothers for their Last Moments series!  He can be seen onstage this spring in LA in the premiere of the original spy-comedy musical Spies are Forever, created and written by YouTube comedy stars The Tin Can Brothers! About Kenton: Kenton has worked extensively in comedy, most notably as the hilarious and outrageous Gunther on the Disney Channel hit multi-cam sitcom series Shake it Up!

Voice Over: Youth & Adult

ADULT VOICE OVER CLASSES 18+ (twice a month)

KIDS VOICE OVER WORKSHOPS  (once a month) – taught by Ogie Banks

  • This fun, fast and exciting monthly workshop will cover animation, commercial, voice over character development, taught by Jeff Howell and Ogie Banks!

Learn the ins and outs of the VO world and how to start booking or how to break into the industry from two of the best!

Youth Commercial Technique: ages 7-11 (and reading 6 only) / Adult Commercial Technique: ages 12-adult

Taught by Scott Parkin. This class will instruct students on all aspects of commercial auditioning, including personality questions, reaction auditions, how to isolate action choices, one-liners, getting the most out of cue cards, multi-person copy (exploring and fleshing out a scene), and commercial improv.

Adult Scene Study: ages 18+

Taught by John Posey. This class will examine scenes from both a METHOD perspective (sense memory, emotional recall) while also incorporating elements of MEISNER (living truthfully in imaginary circumstances, emotional impulse, reacting moment to moment). Students will work on 10-15 pages scenes from published works (plays & film) over a period of several works. This class is designed to explore a scene to its fullest while empowering the actor to take risks and trust instincts.

Standup Comedy

Focuses on teaching you on how to write original jokes for you. Learn to perform with their own unique point of view.

Social Media Workshop

Teaches you about online safety, strategy, target audience, and finding your story.

Tuition Policies

Please see each location for individual tuition rates/info

Tuition Policies

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month, regardless of whether there is a class on the 1st or if the 1st falls on a weekend. Payments may be mailed to make the deadline.

Payment Policy:

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal checks, and cash.
  • A 3% fee will be added to Visa and Mastercard transactions and 5% fee will be added to Amex and Discover transactions.
  • Credit card information must be provided at the time of the booking for all non-students.

Cancellation Policy for Privates

  • Minimum four (4) hour cancellation notice by telephone or email on the day of the session for all Students.
  • Penalty for failure to provide minimum four (4) hour notice – charge for missed session at rate indicated above on the credit card provided to Gray Studios. Current Students who pay by cash or check will receive an invoice for the missed session.
  • There are no make-up classes for missed Privates.

Checks should be made payable to “Gray Studios.” Post-dated checks are accepted and will be deposited on the 1st. Checks for the next month can be brought to the last class of the current month and left with the Gray Studios on-site representative. Please check your Welcome Email for mailing address, we need to receive your check on or before the 1st ; or checks can be dropped off at this location in the locked mailbox. For all other questions please email or call the office.

Payments not received by the 1st will incur a $10 late fee per week until received. A $25 bounce check fee will be applied to all bounced checks.