Announcing Summer Camps Starting June 10th weekly in LA until 2nd week of August-Also check out our Atlanta, Dallas and DC dates! info@graystudiosla.com!
Last day to sign up for June 10th is Today June 3rd, 2019-email info@graystudiosla.com for registration form!

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  • “The best training an actor can have is working. One performance is like a thousand rehearsals. What you gain in confidence, knowledge and ability from being on set is worth a thousand-fold the rehearsal process. Acting comes from the Latin meaning “to do”. Only by doing it can we get better. And the only way to DO it is by booking the job through the process of auditioning. Therefore, the audition is everything.”

    David Barry Gray
    Owner & Master Instructor of Gray Studios
  • “Gray Studios has impressed me on a very consistent basis. Their style in coaching has truly advanced over time and clients of mine whom have studied with them have had incredible results. I highly recommend them to not only beginner actors but also to those who are advanced as they fine tune and bring that unique difference to the talents personal performance.”

    Julie Fulop, Agent
  • “Gray studios is an excellent place to train and grow as an actor. I refer all ages to their classes for their hands on approach and vast knowledge of the business.”

    Justine Hunt, Manager
    Hines & Hunt Entertainment
  • “I am very proud to be a student of Shanelle and David’s, and I still get coaching from them for every audition. They are masters of audition technique, and their love for the entertainment industry is infectious. They taught me how to book jobs, make lasting impressions in the casting room, and most importantly, to feel confident about myself after every audition. Not only am I hooked on class, but on their positive energy! They have built an incredibly supportive community of actors, something that I rarely see at other schools and am forever grateful for. They’re the best!”

    Matthew Moy - 2 Broke Girls
  • “Gray Studios has the best Group classes and private coaching I have ever had the pleasure of working with! They are top notch, spot on direction and most get the callback, test or the job! I wouldn’t think about studying elsewhere!”

    Ariel Winter - Modern Family
  • “Shanelle and David Gray created a very safe and effective teaching environment for their many young actors. Effective because it works and safe because, as a place of learning, it is safe to explore and grow as an actor without fear of “being wrong” for there is no wrong here. The kids all love the work they are doing. Our own son, Tyler Posey, spent nearly two years studying with the Gray’s prior to landing the plum lead role in MTV’s hit TEEN WOLF. Much gratitude for their guidance and care for the actors.”

    John Posey
    Actor, Writer, Director
  • “I have taken a bunch of acting classes and have never lasted more than a month or two in any of them, but I was in Shanelle and David’s class for a few years and going to them was one of the best decisions of my life. Shanelle and David are both extremely talented actors and people who have experience about the business and they taught me a lot. And I’ve never had so much fun being in a class!”

    Tyler Posey - TEEN WOLF
  • “David has taught me to stay present while I work because I can get very excited!  He also helped me to think outside of the box in a way that makes my choices always unique. Gray Studios is awesome!”

    Cyrus Arnold - Zoolander 2, Sam & Cat
  • “Gray Studios acting teachers give me great feedback that have really helped me with all my performances. They are also my first choice for coaching for important auditions. After my coaching sessions I always feel more confident and prepared to meet with the casting director.”

    Chloe Noelle - TRUE BLOOD